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The outer layer is made of soft plastic. It is easy to squeeze when drinking water. It is also very light to carry at any time.
Press the spray button and let the body replenish the water at any time, so that you can cool down all day.
You can extend the secret of keeping ice in the foil bag in the bottle.
The secret of cold water can keep cold is 3 layers of heat insulation design
Surface soft plastic:
Anti-dirty and easy to clean, lightweight design allows
Sports bottle is easy to squeeze out water
Middle aluminum foil bag
Reflecting the radiant heat of sunlight,
Protecting the convection time of the cold air in the air layer
With it, it can reflect the radiation from the sun.
Can effectively keep cold!
Inner bump:
Increase cold air circulation space
Reduce heat transfer
The inner layer is made of a safe plastic that can be in contact with food grades.
For the first time, use a clear water to open the lid and soak for 2 hours.
You can remove the taste inside the bottle.

√ Food grade quality, it is strictly prohibited to wash with high temperature
√ Double-layer ice protection, sports bottle new definition, thirst quenching water, ice spray, 500ML sports capacity
√ Temperature isolation, ice protection kettle, double layer mylar membrane insulation, long-term isolation temperature, keep water temperature
√ The secret of cold preservation is on the inner aluminum film bag, so the creases and creases on the corners are normal!
√ Double-wall construction eliminates sweating and keeps beverages cold up to 50% longer


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