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ETEKSTORM Contour gaugeETEKSTORM Contour gauge

Upgraded New Design Contour Gauge With Lock 10 INCH

This Contour Gauge creates an instant template for curved and odd-shaped profiles simply and easily.
Features a row of long, thin, moveable teeth and a perpendicular housing that holds them in place as they take an impression of the surface.
Ideal for measuring moldings for reproduction, duplicating spindles on the lathe, fitting flooring around moldings, copying curves and a variety of other contour matching jobs around the home and shop.
It fits around most common pipes and round columns and allows you to easily copy shapes to tile, laminate, engineered wood, solid wood, and vinyl flooring to precisely cut flooring to match objects.

With Lock Contour GaugeWith Lock Contour Gauge

Upgraded New Design

Upgraded New Design, Get Rid of All Annoying Problems

Our new upgraded locked profile gauge solved the most annoying problem .

Easy to move the pins once the contour is set -EtekStorm Locked Contour Gauge will help you solve the problems to lock the pins in place so they can’t be moved even falling from high place.Please check all the negative reviews of other sellers’ contour gauge, customers all complaining about the easily move pins, but we never have this. Choose EtekStorm, save time &save money.

1 Step1 Step

1 Step

It is suitable to copy the awkward curve and complex shapes before cutting auto sheet metel.Then locked and fixed.

2 Step2 Step

2 Step

Draw the shape.Provided with metric and imperial scale.

3 Step3 Step

3 Step

Cut the shape along the line.

4 Step4 Step

4 Step

Upgraded New Design, Get Rid of All Annoying Problems.

Easy to use.A good helper in your work.

Simple to Use with Locking mechanism: Just press the pins teeth onto a shape and trace.With a locking mechanism for easy transfer to the pattern. If the pins too loose you can just use pliers to press down the brass cap ends again to restore some tightness. Convenient and save your time and energy.
Size: 10 inch/25 cm multi-functional contour profile gauge, available both in inch and centimeter scale measurements. Size mark on both sides, and both sides are available.
Material: Made from tough and durable ABS plastic, lightweight, sturdy and well built. Worked well in cataloging the traditional wood moulding shapes.
Practical Tool: Useful tools to operate all kinds of modelling.The movement of the pins is really flexible, making measuring and cutting easier. A great tool help eliminate the guesswork.
Wide Application: This contour gauge fits for measuring many irregular items, winding pipes, auto metal sheet, circular frames, pipes, tile, laminate, wood planking, ducts, flooring, carpet, molding, etc. Please be careful when using to prevent injury.



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